To add Ben Lawers climb or not?

The chat amongst several of my friends has been… “why aren’t you sending the Tour of the Highlands up Ben Lawers and down Glen Lyon?”

Honestly, my warped, sadistic mind never thought of it. But now it has been pointed out, should we include the UK’s 6th highest pass, meaning you will climb 5 of the top 6?

Plus Glen Lyon is probably the most stunning valley after Glen Coe.

Descending down Ben Lawers to Glen Lyon

This route would add an additional 14km but because Sth Loch Tay is very hilly, only an additional 113m of climbing.


TOTH day 1 with Ben Lawers


TOTH day 2 South Loch Tay

Don’t worry, we won’t make you ride down the Ben Lawers dam.

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