Enter Tour of the Highlands & 3 Pistes Cycle Sportive


Entry for the inaugural Tour of the Highlands open today at 8pm

Saturday 28th May – Monday 30th May 2016

Day 1. Glencoe -> Pitlochry

Day 2. Pitlochry -> Cairngorm

Day 3. Aviemore -> Glencoe

Visit https://www.entrycentral.com/3PistesTourHighlands

Entry starts at £110 for British Cycling members (+£10 for non members)

Riders must secure their own accommodation in Pitlochry and Aviemore. These are two of the busiest Highland tourist towns so there is plenty to choose from.

Alongside all the usual mechanical and medical support, the organisers will provide a bag transfer system.

Glencoe Ski Centre has limited car parking, so we are asking all entrants to car share.

Many of the support team are professional stand up comedians. On Saturday evening in Pitlochry we will be putting on a comedy show for you. Entry to the show will be free for TOTH riders.


Entry for the classic 3 Pistes Cycle Sportive on Sunday 29th May 2016 also opens tonight.

As usual, riders will have the opportunity to advance purchase coach transfers from Speyside to Pitlochry for the start or after the finish.

Final date for Sportive only entries is Friday 27th May 2016.

Final date for Sportive Entry plus coach transfer is Monday 23rd May 2016.

Entry is via https://www.entrycentral.com/3PistesTourHighlands.

You will be able to enter via British Cycling website after the broadcast of BBC Adventure show in Mid December

Postal entries and on the day entries WILL NOT be accepted.

Entry options will be:

1. Sportive only entry.

2. Sportive entry plus coach transfer from Aviemore to Pitlochry for start.

3. Sportive entry plus coach transfer to Pitlochry from finish.

If you purchase Sportive only entry , but subsequently require coach transfer there will be an additional administration charge of £10.00 plus the price difference between original fee paid and Sportive plus Coach fee at time of request.

Entries are not transferable to a third party. Photo ID required at registration.

Sportive entry will include:

British Cycling Insurance, Rider Numbers for person & bike, Timing chip / number for helmet, access to supplies at Feed Stations and a hot beverage and food at the finish.

We don’t do lots of flags or banners or branding, goody bags, free t-shirts, free bidons, flyers for charities or people trying to sell you stuff… in-fact any free promotional crap you don’t need or want.

You will NOT get a medal. You are a grown adult and probably experienced cyclist. Medals are for 5k fun runners or people who finish top three in a proper race.

We spend your money giving you a damn good day with great feed stops, lots of assistance and a massive party at the top of Cairngorm.


3 Pistes Tour of the Highlands entry opens tomorrow

3 Pistes Cycle – Tour of the Highlands

For the 3rd edition of the 3 Pistes Cycle Sportive you can now visit all 5 Highland ski centres over 3 days / 300 miles – or “just” tackle the classic 1 day route.

Entries for both editions open tomorrow, Sunday 22nd November at 8pm

3 Pistes Cycle Sportive – Sunday 29th May 2016 (from £40)


Tour of the Highlands – Sat 28th – Mon 30th May (from £110)

Day 1. Glencoe -Ben Lawers-House of Bruar-Pitlochry

Day 2. Pitlochry-Glenshee-Lecht-Cairngorm

Day 3. Aviemore-NevisRange-Kinlocheil-Glencoe
Glen Coe

How to enter.

Entry will open tomorrow at 8pm. A link will be posted on this website and also our facebook page.

Entries via British Cycling website will not open until the day that the BBC Adventure show broadcasts 3 Pistes 2015. This was supposed to be next weekend, however it has now been pushed back to mid December. There will also be a price increase after broadcast, so best get entering tomorrow.

Ben Lawers

The first edition of  Tour of the Highlands has only 200 places available, so you’ll need to be fast to enter.

3 Pistes 2016 will be limited to 1200 entrants.

Thanks for your support, happy entering and have a great winter of training.

Awrabest Alan

To add Ben Lawers climb or not?

The chat amongst several of my friends has been… “why aren’t you sending the Tour of the Highlands up Ben Lawers and down Glen Lyon?”

Honestly, my warped, sadistic mind never thought of it. But now it has been pointed out, should we include the UK’s 6th highest pass, meaning you will climb 5 of the top 6?

Plus Glen Lyon is probably the most stunning valley after Glen Coe.

Descending down Ben Lawers to Glen Lyon

This route would add an additional 14km but because Sth Loch Tay is very hilly, only an additional 113m of climbing.


TOTH day 1 with Ben Lawers


TOTH day 2 South Loch Tay

Don’t worry, we won’t make you ride down the Ben Lawers dam.

Go onto Facebook and tell us what you think.


Tour of the Highlands – a quick FAQ

Wow, what a response to yesterday’s announcement that we are expanding the 3 Pistes Cycle Sportive to include the 3 day Tour of the Highlands. Lots of questions coming in. Here’s a quick FAQ.

Is the 1 day 3 Pistes Cycle Sportive still happening?

YES. Sunday 29th May 2016. Same route, same times, same cut offs. Hopefully same weather as 2014.

Will the 3 Pistes still have coach transfers?

YES – you can still get the morning coach from Aviemore to the start or afternoon coach from Cairngorm finish back to Pitlochry.

In the week after 3P2015 bought priority entry (and coach transfer) for 3P2016. Can I upgrade to the 3 day ride?

Yes. You get priority entry and you will get an email next week explaining how to upgrade. You

I deferred my 3P2015 place can I upgrade to 3 day ride?

Sadly no. You still get free entry to 3P2016, however if you want to ride the 3 day TOTH you will have to purchase entry afresh.

Why is the 3 day TOTH ride limited to 200 riders?

The Scottish Downhill Association MTB race series is taking place at Glencoe on Sun 29th May. Glencoe Ski centre have agreed that we can take up 100 parking of their spaces for the weekend.

Also… the route will have 2 options for getting to West Loch Linnhe. You can either ride via Kinlocheil or skip 25miles and take the wee Fort William – Camusnagaul ferry. Sadly it can only take 96 cyclists per hour. The ferry has agreed to put on extra sailings so that no-one has to cycle down the A82 between Fort Bill and Corran.

If I only want to ride Day 1 or Day 3 will there be coach transfers for these stages?

No. Only the original 3 Pistes day and route will have coach transfers. If you are riding any of the other days you are responsible for getting yourself back from the finish. Obviously if riding all 3 days you will naturally get yourself back to your car at Glencoe.

Can I ride Day 1 or Day 3 only?

Yes.However due to car park and ferry restictions these will be limited to 50 riders each only. Remember these rides are A-B. As above you will be responsible for your own transfers.

Can I ride 2 days?

Yes you will be able to purchase entry for (Day 1 + Day 2) or (Day 2 + Day 3). However due to car park and ferry restictions these will be limited to 50 riders each only. Remember these rides are A-B. As above you will be responsible for your own transfers.

What support is provided?

As with all our rides you will get excellent support including:

  • Mobile and static mechanics.
  • First Aid teams.
  • Full British Cycling Sportive Insurance.
  • Bag transfer
  • Regular, well stocked feed stations.
  • Multiple sweeper vehicles.
  • Fully signed routes.
  • Top tunes and PA systems to keep you bouncing on the pedals.
  • Hot food at the end of each stage.

Will accommodation be included in entry?

No. Riders are responsible for arranging their own accommodation in Pitlochry and Aviemore.

When do I register?

Rider registration will take place at Glencoe Ski Centre from 8am – 9am on Sat 28th May 2016. No need to be there the night before.

Do I need to sign on every day?

No. Our electronic timing chips will tell us if you have started that day or not. If you do not intend to start we do ask you inform us ASAP.

Will there be a specific wave start time?

We’re fairly informal. Closer to the event we will advise on start times. TOTH riders will get priority early start options.

Will the roads be closed?

No. We always feel safer riding on open roads than with 5000 weekend warriors “racing” on closed roads.

Will I get a medal?

No. You’re a grown man / woman who is an experienced cyclist. Medals are for 5k fun runners or those who come top 3 in a proper race. You don’t get a medal for completing La Marmotte. We don’t waste your money giving you any unwanted tat.

Can I purchase a TOTH cycling jersey / hoody / shell jacket etc?

Yes. Our design team have been given a brief. Details will be published in the new year.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask on the facebook page.

3 Pistes Cycle Sportive now 5 Pistes Tour of the Highlands

For the 3rd year of the 3 Pistes Cycle Sportive we are expanding the format to include all 5 of Scotland’s Highland ski centres.

You can ride 1, 2 or 3 epic days Sat 28th May – Mon 30th May 2016

glenshee full from hillside
The long and winding road up Glenshee to UK’s highest road.

Day 1 : Glencoe Mountain Resort to Pitlochry
Day 2 : Pitlochry, Glenshee Ski Centre , The Lecht,CairnGorm Mountain Ltd
Day 3 : Aviemore, Nevis Range snow, Glencoe.

3 Days : 5 Ski Centres: 300 Miles

The 3 Pistes Amigos
The 3 Pistes Amigos

Days 1 and 3 will each have a short cut route available.

Entry opens Sun 22nd November.

day 1 profile
Tour of the Highlands Day 1 profile. Glencoe Ski Centre, Crainlaraich South Loch Tay, Schiehallion, Trinafour, Old A9, House of Bruar, Pitlochry

Day one features three of the most fun downhills in the whole UK. It also features Event Director Alan Anderson’s favourite climb in the whole UK –  up the switch backs from Trinafour > Errochty Dam.

One of the switch backs above Errochty Dam at Trinafour heading north towards Old A9
5pistes 3days
Tour of the Highlands route Day 1 Glencoe Ski Centre – Pitlochry Day 2 Pitlochry – Cairngorm Mountain (3 Pistes route) Day 3 Aviemore – Nevis Range – West Loch Linnhe – Glencoe Ski Centre

After the 3 Pistes route, Day 3 will feel like a recovery day… until you get to Glencoe Village, then it’s the long slog up arguably the most stunning valley in the whole of Europe.

Glencoe. The most stunning valley in Europe.

To avoid the busy stretch of A82 south of Fort Bill, the route will take you onto the West side of Loch Linnhe (you can ride round Loch Eil or get the ferry at Fort William – extra sailings are being put on, but only enough for 100 riders max).

Pro cyclist Hannah Barnes riding past Buachaille Etive Mor at Glencoe Ski Centre.
Day 3 Profile - Aviemore - Nevis Range - West Loch Linnhe - (via ferry) - Glencoe Ski Centre
Day 3 Profile – Aviemore – Nevis Range – West Loch Linnhe – (via ferry) – Glencoe Ski Centre

This is enough to whet your appetite. More details next week.